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Donald Byers 1967


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The day after graduation we left San Antonio and moved to Houston. I went to work at a local store and eventually became a Meat Cutter. In May 1969 I entered the service (Army Security Agency). Basic Training at Ft. Lenardwood MO and then sent to Ft. Devens MA for primary training of my MOS (Military Occupational Specialist. For the next 18 weeks I learned Morse Code. I was then sent to my secondary school which was HFDF (High Frequency Direction Finding) my MOS now was O5D. I was suppose to go to another school but when going for my orders found that I was going to RVN (Republic of Vietnam). I was stationed in Phu Bai which is about 50 miles from Hue. In 1971 I went to South Korea until discharged in May 1972. After 3 months I had decided that the Army wasn't as bad as I thought and I re-enlisted. The next 18 years were at the following locations: Berlin Germany Ft. Mead Maryland duty at NSA Korea Okinawa Ft. Mead Maryland duty at NSA Germany Retired Aug 1990 Database Engineer for Simulations Germany 2 years Moved to Lubbock Texas Nov 1992. 1993 Employed at Texas Tech University (Still Here). Don Byers