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Gary Duncan 1988


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2914 Fleming #413
Garden City
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It all started for me in 1958...The ones who know me, know the beginning of my story. In 1984, I had another episode that left me in a coma. I ended up here in Kansas, wondering "What the **** am I doin' here?" I will survive, though! Going to college for my Education degree. The ones that know me are probably rolling, with laughter, after hearing that. I've been married 3 times, have 4 kids. Still the same ol' me, doin' the same ol' Thangs. I'll never grow up. I'm really looking for Kenny Bags? If I remember right. years and dates escape me. Been a long time sence I've thought about those old times!If oyu see or hear from Kenny ask him if he knows Gary. If he does direct him to this site and my email address. I would like to hear from him!