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Joel Bergkvist 1982


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After Graduation Attended Texas A&M in College Station, Texas. Joined the Corps of Cadets. Successfuly completed "Fish Drill Team" Class of '86. Became very involved in Christian Activities and Planned to become a missionary. Changed major from Aerospace Engineering to Civil Engineering, which I finally completed in 1992 after many starts and stops due to financial problems. Health problems began to affect my life in the late 1980's and especially by the mid '90's. Was involved in a very "controling" Church until the Church went through a dramatic reformation in the early '90's. Then after losing my job as a result of health issues in 1995, I moved from College Station to Houston, Tx. with the plan of preparing for becoming a missionary to China. Health problems continued to affect my work and between jobs I made a brief trip to China. After a couple of weeks it was clear that going through with my plans would be a mistake. I was not mentally able to handle the culture shock and the missionaries I visited were not making any significant progress due to the Communist Government. In fact, it appeared that the Americans were more of a danger to the cause of Christians in China than a help. I returned to Houston and continued to work as a Civil Engineer. I continued to have health problems which affected my work and kept losing jobs. It was finally determined that I have a Thyroid Problem called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. This condition was affecting all of the Chemistry of my mind and body. By age 41 I had a Quadruple-bypass and continued to have serious problems with Anxiety, depression, and Panic attacks. Recently diagnosed with "Asperger Syndrome" which is a "Higher Functioning" Form of Autism which explains many of my problems socially and mentally. During my 15 years of work in Civil Engineering I became highly skilled technically with my greatest achievement being an integral part of the Multi-Billion Dollar Katy Freeway Expansion, but "work-place Bullying" destroyed my interest in continuing in Civil Engineering. Having discovered that Civil Engineering was anything but CIVIL. I changed to I.T. and became the CAD Manager at a mid-sized Engineering Firm. The I.T. world was actually worse than the Engineering world. My supervisor was at odds with the new CEO and tried to use me as a scapegoat, so I resigned after writing a 20 page explanation. That manager was fired 6 months later. I started working for the Software Vendor that I previously had hired as a CAD Manager and the cut-throat world of software sales became the final straw in my technical career. Increasingly severe claustrophobia made it impossible to attend mandantory conferences in Las Vegas. Now at 45 I'm trying to re-discover life with my what I understand about my health, and am very uncertain of what to do next. I'm seeking disability and thinking of how I might be able to contribute to society in my present condition. Right now my strongest interest is Theology. Perhaps in time I will write. Along the way in my last few years I have been living north of Houston on the edge of "East-Texas". I moved here because of the peaceful pine tree forest, but "East-Texas" is anything but Peaceful. I hope to write a book about the political corruption I encountered and how a timid person like myself Argued my Case personally "Pro Se" in a Federal Case, against one of the Largest Law Firms in Houston. One of the traits I have developed after so much Bullying is "O.D.D." Oppositional Defiant Disorder, in other words if I see an injustice for some reason I react like a person with "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" and I become a very aggressive opponent to that injustice. One related aspect to my lawsuit was the Rooster-Fighting which was tollerated by local government in my County. Things between myself and this Animal-Fighting neighbor finally became violent and the local Government took the side of the aggressor. I appealed to the Governor's Office and Justice was Finally done, but the County Corruption still goes on in San Jacinto County. Unknown to me a book and a movie has already been made about this counties abuses in the '70's called "Terror on 59", but its looking like I may eventually write the sequel.