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Abel Fuentes 1971


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After graduation and a very short stint in college, I decided to pursue retail sales as my career. Anyway, in 1973 my high school sweetheart (Sara Gonzales) became my wife. Shortly after our marriage we were transferred to Port Arthur, TX. In less than one year, I was promoted and asked to help open up a new market for my company in Miami, Fl. So off we went. Miami was really fun. We lived in North Miami Beach where our home was less than one mile from the Atlantic Ocean. In 1976 I was promoted again and asked to open another new store in Tampa Fl., the birthplace of our son, Erik in 1979. Since we had finally decided (according to both of our folks) to start a family, I asked for and was granted a transfer back to Texas. San Marcos was our next move, however we resided in New Braunfels. Our beautiful daughter, Bethany, came into our lives in 1981. Shortly after she was born we are transferred to Austin for almost three years before we finally get to move back to San Antonio where I managed one of the largest volume stores for our company, in North Star Mall. Yes, the money was very good but the hours were horrible. Because of my work ethics and determination to succeed, I missed the first five years of my son’s life and two of my daughter’s. Enough was enough! In 1985 I became a civil servant at Kelly AFB, while the money isn’t as good, I’ve been able to spend more quality time with my family than ever before. A new career isn’t easy when you have to start at the bottom again. However, since 1996, I am currently a program manager for the Air Force’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Defense Systems located at Brooks AFB, TX. Update: Feb, 2002 I am now located at Robins AFB, GA as a Program Manager for the F-15 Aircraft. I've been here since January 2001. Erik, my son, is now married and is in basic training at Ft. Benning, GA. Betahny, is now a JR at A&M. More to follow......