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Fred Rodriguez 1980


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Laurie (Walker-Class of 81) and I live in Pearland, just outside of Houston. We've been married 11 years and have a beautiful 4 yr-old angel/demon named Jessica -- she changes from one minute to the next. We like to make people say 'aawwww' and watch others get a little queezy when we tell them we married our high school sweethearts. I graduated from UT Austin with a BA and from UH with a masters then swore I'd never set foot in college again. So what do I do now? I work at a college! But being in an office beats the hell out of the classroom. I've been a University administrator for 12 years, and have worked at Univ. of Houston, Texas Tech, and now Baylor College of Medicine. To keep my insanity, I tie my own flies and fish all over the country, the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico and Belize. Looking forward to seeing others with gray hair at our 20th.

I will attend the following events:
June 24, 2000 - Saturday - Plaza Club
June 25, 2000 - Sunday - Landa Park