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Mercy Perez Fernandez 1980


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PSC 476 BOX 848
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At this moment I live here in Sasebo, Japan. My husband is Daniel Perez, and he's in the navy, and we have 3 girls. Jessica-18 Emerald-3 and Elena-2.Our lives are very different here from the State. My job is working with my kids, and also with exchange students from Japan. When we are station, Stateside, my job is the same. I also work with the ship, ( USS JUNEAU LPD 10) That Daniel is on, doing what they call an OMBUDSMEN. I work with the families when the ship is gone, and try to keep them calm, and keep them inform on what the schedule is like. Sometimes, this can be very hard. I work directly with the Commanding Officer, and Command Master Chief, I love the kind of work that I do.I do look forward into seeing each one of you, and can't wait. May God bless everyone, and see you soon!!

I will attend the following events:
June 23, 2000 - Friday - Far West Rodeo
June 24, 2000 - Saturday - Plaza Club
June 25, 2000 - Sunday - Landa Park