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Brent Reynolds 1980


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7813 N. Cameron Ave.
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Here's the Reader's Digest - Right out of High School went to California to go to college. Lasted one year (not even). Joined the Air Force to get married - got dumped, but was still stuck in the military. When my enlistment was up, I took a job as a Field Engineer (for AAI and later Link Aviation)in flight simulation, while I played in bands at night. Ended up running the F-16 Training Facility at MacDill AFB, FL. Got married to a Hot-Blooded (and hot-tempered) Cubana named Cari. After eight or so years of engineering and gigging, decided to go back to school - and do what, I had no clue. Finally ended up going to film school at UCF (Yes, of the Blair Witch fame.). Since school I have been the Director of Photography on eleven short films and one feature. Have scored two more films. I am currently (day job) working for The Home Shopping Network as a production manager for electronics, teach Cinematography part time at UCF and continue to shoot film. Have a few projects in the works that will, hopefully, pay off soon (knock on wood). That's about it - with the exception of my 15 month old daughter Brandi, who unbeknownst to me, is the queen of the universe (or at least my household.).